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One of OAK Entertainments mission is to develop talented artists and allow them ample time, with the proper resources to produce timeless masterpieces. It is our intent to offer products to everyone and provide a service to artists and musicians that are safe and efficient with top-notch professionalism and treatment. It is our passion to give back to the community by providing a service that is genuine and integral.

OAK Entertainments is a creative collection with representatives from the key creative and logistical positions in the film and television industry. We embrace a progressive approach with the best and brightest working together to establish solid projects that will propelOAK to the forefront of digital evolution and convergence for the film and television industry.

Nothing contributes more to the viewer than the change of times and the vicissitudes of fortune andOAK Entertainments has perfected this art to capture its audience. What started as an epitome in the Telugu Television Industry in 2007 is a rage sweeping accolades across the Andhra Pradesh.

The conception of the company is the Kingpin Dr. Omkar who left his medical practice to peruse his interest in the media. His career took force with anchoring shows on the celluloid.  His career started with anchoring on a Cable TV, followed by a successful deliverance at the Aditya Music. And then this promising young lad remained the same and galloped with Oak Entertainments and started off with a socio caprice kid’s game show called Maya Dweepam. In its debut production OAK came into Lime light. The success of Maya Dweepam led him to start a sensation called AATA floored on the silver screen. It has been a phenomenal success and has kept the coin bells ringing. The shows were a big market leader and OAK took on the success flight recreating the magic with AATA 2, AATA3, AATA Juniors and many more to come There has never been a look back since then for OAK which is an inspiration to the lives of many choreographers and dancers. This is what called an Innovative Foresee . OAK now is a top-notch a new look with its latest venture OAKs ADVENTURES. Yet another success story unveils before us with this giant stride of the company. OAK Entertainment has been the guiding light in the lives of many and it continues its tales of triumph.

OAK’s experience has equipped us with an extraordinary testimony that has already changed people’s lives and has brought hope to broken hearts. OAK will use the experience as well as those who hook-up with OAK Entertainment Productions to make a positive impact on the Entertainment sector and everywhere possible.

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