AATA 1 is a reality dance show on the Zee Telugu channel,AATA 1 by oak entertainments

AATA 1About Program
AATA 1 is a reality dance show on the Zee Telugu channel. This was an underdog show and they never knew that this show would done wonders and this has become an over night star as this show gripped the beat of whole Andhra Pradesh  The contestants who are TV & Film stars participated along with the renowned choreographers. These are names of the major couples in the television and film industries were given a platform to showcase another side of their lives.

  • Manikanta – Sujitha
  • Suresh Varma – Gayathri Rana
  • Amit- Preeti Nigam
  • Subranth – Geetha Singh
  • Sandeep – Tina
  • Prudvi - Silpa Chakravarthy
  • Benny – Karuna
  • Bharath – Kausha
  • Anand – Nikitha
  • Sunny - Neetu


Kavitha, Heroin, of yester years.

Mayuri (Asha saini), Heroin who acted with Almost all Top heros of south India

Venu Master
, Good Dancer and Choreographed hundreds of Songs.



SANDEEP and TINA were the underdog of the competition but with their superb performances, awesome chemistry and charming personalities, went on to win the AATA 1 title and also the hearts of the people as highest audience votes made them clinch the trophy in the finale.


Winners Response:

“Actually it’s a dream come true as I had competed with almost top Artists of TV and Film Industry and Best choreographers of the industry and I convey my special Thanks to OAK Team and especially to OMKAR for giving us such a great opportunity to compete with the best in the industry”.

Tina - SInger & Dance

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